Another 5 Star review from TripAdvisor  (JC) 

WOW!!”   Reviewed 2 days ago by azalderson This tour exceed all expectations. Not your average tour! My tour guide Jhon was absolutely amazing. He was so knowledgable about the city Dallas and JFK’s life and assasination.. as well as Lee Harvey Oswald’s life. It was informal so throughout the tour we could ask questions…

Great Sunday for a  

It is a nice Sunday today not that hot just doing tours in the city of Dallas. All guests are loaded and ready to go as we sightsee throughout this great city of ours we have the City Cruisers are buses and the replica JFK limo ready for tours.

It’s so hot to take it to a tour in Dallas Texas

If you don’t know Texas heat then you just don’t know Heat, we are here in Downtown Dallas doing tours of the JFK assassination and showing off this modern city to anyone who wants to look at it.

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Here’s another one that was just posted!  Everything was great but when we called to schedule the trip the lady Dianna was very rude so I hope she dont answer when you call. That almost made where I didnt even want to go on the trip….. But when I got to the check in the…