5 Star Review from TripAdvisor,( Don’t forget your Camera)

​Dont Forget your Camera!! 

Rachel, our tour guide, loves her job and it shows! She got everyone in the Texas Spirit by playing “Deep in the Heart of Texas” as soon as we started rolling. Everyone was singing, clapping, and laughing right off the bat. The Combo tour is programmed for an hour and a half and takes you past the major areas in the city including Dealey Plaza, the Dallas Museum of Art, and the Neighborhood where Lee Harvey Oswald fled after shooting JFK. You also go inside the home where Oswald was staying as part of the tour. The tour bus itself was clean, the staff was friendly, and the atmosphere welcomed you in. The tour bus does have a flat screen TV in the front which staff plays videos on from the old days to help paint a picture to their story or explanation. This was the very first thing my wife and I did when we arrived in Dallas and it is great in order to give yourself a basis for where you are visiting, what you will see, or wrapping your stay up. The tour does not shy away from what happened in their city over 50 years ago which is great because although it is tragic, it is a part of history. No doubt, this is something you cannot miss when in the Big D.


Thanks alot!!

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