TripAdvisor Review “Fun and entertaining in Dallas Texas”

My sister recently moved to Dallas, and my other sisters and I just went to visit her this past weekend.  She booked us a tour with Dallas City Tours where we rode around in an extended golf cart (that had a long horn on the front!) with a tour guide.  It was only the 4 of us, plus our guide, on the tour so it was nice that it was private!  We got to learn more about the city and some of the buildings and museums downtown as well as some interesting info about the JFK assassination, Lee Harvey Oswald, and Jack Ruby.  Our tour guide, Rachel, was great!  She even stopped the tour a few times to allow us to get out and take pictures, and she took some of the 4 of us together too!  Fun, 45-minute tour that I would definitely recommend!

image (214)310-0700


Thanks alot!!

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