TripAdvisor reviews For Ricardo


“Tour was the best that Texas has to offer”

Wasn’t sure which tour to take (trolley or bus or just JFK experience). Met John with Dallas City Tour at Dealy Plaza and we talked a bit. I wasn’t big on the City part of the tour but John ensured me his would be tailored more toward JFK. So I opted in for the combo. For the City part, it was ok, you get to go through the Artsy parts of the city and by some Churches etc. The part of this tour that set it apart, to me anyway, is what you get to do on the JFK part. The bus is comfortable, the video’s on the LCD during the tour definitely enhance the ride and the tour, John was very personable and knowledgeable and made sure everyone on the bus was having a good time. Being able to go into the rooming house and in Oswald’s back yard where he took that famous picture with the gun was amazing. It definitely made the tour for me. Seeing parts of downtown I wouldn’t have otherwise was worth it and if you are into the history of that terrible day, you will be very glad you opted to take tour. Highly recommended. I took the first tour of the day which worked out very nicely to have lunch and spend some extra time at Dealy Plaza. You can park at the Book Depository building for cheap and you’re within easy walking distance to a lot of restaurants, shops and sites including Reunion Tower. (214)310-0700


Thanks alot!!

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