Mindy lark loved our Dallas After Dark Tour!


Mindy Clark
How did we do?
We took 2 tours while we were in Dallas this weekend. We took the Big D Dallas/JFK combo tour in the morning with the short Caucasian guy (sorry, I can’t remember his name). And the Dallas After Dark tour with Ricardo (with the baseball cap) that night. There was a conflict in scheduling due to a cheese and wine tour scheduled and Ricardo (with the cowboy hat) the owner went ahead and let us attend this tour for no extra charge. We are not big wine drinkers and wasn’t really overly excited about the wine part but was ok with the change. First off, both tours were great. Both drivers were very educated and entertaining. Everyone within the company that we had contact with was super pleasant and accommodating. Moving on to the cheese and wine part, again we wasn’t overly excited about it but we was open to it. And man, am I glad we went. A group of 4 that was on same tour had apparently got their britches in a knot because we was on a bus and not a trolley. And because the driver educated us on a little Dallas history instead of loading them up on wine from the get go. The best part of night was when the other 2 couples bailed on the tour. The mood changed and it was so enjoyable. Keep your chin up Ricardo #2. You can’t please them all. Especially when they can’t even admit it was their mistake and no one else’s.
Where you from?
Northeast Arkansas
How would you rate us ?
The best tour in tha Galaxy!!


Thanks alot!!

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