Another TripAdvisor great review for our Dallas tour company.

What a great trip we had. Dallas was better than I anticipated, and the Kennedy Assassination tour was by far one of the best I’ve taken in the USA. I strongly recommend it to history lovers. The tour didn’t advertise its full contents, and a last minute surprise was thrown in which pleased me immensely: a visit to the house where Lee Harvey Oswald rented a tiny room while supposedly giving the final strokes to his plan of killing the President. The house remains as it was in 1963. I had a chance to sit in the small living room where newspapers are sprawled on the coffee table, their headlines denoting a mixture of anger and grief. I walked into Oswald’s room, and stood next to his bed, and to the armoire where he kept the incriminating rifle. The fact that this heinous crime took place when I was a kid; the fact that I watched the painful news on national television over fifty years ago, and that I now had the chance to go over the timeline of Oswald’s final hours as a free man before he was apprehended by the FBI hit me like a ton of bricks because it added intensity to the story. It made Oswald all the more real to me. But was he the killer, or merely a patsy? That’s the million dollar question that the optimist in me hopes will one day be answered. In any event, Ricardo, our tour guide and driver was knowledgeable, professional and humorous. I give him (and the tour itself) five stars. (214)310-0700


Thanks alot!!

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