Trip Advisor review !

“Great User Experience —  JFK LIMO Tour (Dallas City Tour)”

Was in Dallas for an NFL Football weekend with my brother recently.  17 years ago we visited Dallas together, this time was his 40th birthday trip.  We’ve always been facinated with JFK Assasination history, Dealy Plaza, etc.  We weren’t able to do a LIMO Tour then, due to rain related tour cancellation.  Actually now in hindsight I am very glad we didn’t go…. The JFK LIMO Tour put together by Dallas City Tours is awesome & WELL WORTH YOUR MONEY !  Believe me… We had the owner Ricardo drive us on the 90 min tour leaving downtown Dallas @ 10A sharp.  Just us two in back of his historically correct – 1961 Lincoln Continental Convertible, Ricardo at the wheel.  What was most impressive is how Ricardo conducts the narration of the journey . You feel like you are transported back in time.  He is so articulate and its obvious he loves what he does and wants you to love it too plus to have a memorable experience. WE DID !  Excellent way to learn more about this unbelievable piece of US history,  I know I learned things I didn’t realize, although I’ve read loads of books on the topic.  The tour stop and entry to Lee Harvey Oswald’s Boarding House on N. Beckley Street and J.D.Tippet Memorial are both very moving experiences, and I believe ‘exclusives’ to the Dallas City Tours JFK Limo package.  Excellent tour, excellent guide, and really some of the best historical knowledge shared to us so professionally by Ricardo.   Truly something I hereby HIGHLY recommend you do while in Dallas !  Don’t miss it! (214)310-0700


Thanks alot!!

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