Dallas City Tour has a new job opening in downtown Dallas !


If you are passionate about tours and helping people to get the best possible travel experience, this job may be for you!  We, DallasCityTour.com, are the #1 tour operators in Dallas Texas and have been in business since 2013.  As we are expanding our business, we are seeking a motivated candidate to join in our company. At the moment we are looking for a salesman or sales women who can help and assist us at our sales booth. We own three information sales booth in downtown Dallas, Texas we are seeking a dependable , reliable person to join our team as soon as possible.

Dallas City Tour.com  is offering 9hr and will pay cash for the time being.


As Tour Operator at our headquarter office in Dallas,Texas, you are joining in the company who takes pride in providing best possible customer service.


Job duties may include, but not be limited to:

* Based on the customer orders, make arrangement of tour guides, driving tours  attractions, restaurants, etc.

* Perform tour input and adjustment of each tour arrangement

* Perform final confirmation of the tour arrangements.

* Perform driving tours

* Assist tourist with answers



Requirements for this position

  1. * Team oriented and detail oriented
  2. * Has legal status to work in U.S.
  3. * Comfortable working with tablets and payment systems (paypal)
  4. * Good verbal/written communications, time management and organizational skills

Warning Label:

If you are lazy don’t bother applying, if you are going to be late don’t bother, if you use drugs or are a total drunk don’t apply, please don’t waste my time, if all of the sudden you’re going to get sick don’t apply, if your going to steal or if you’re a thief don’t apply, if your going to make excuses all the time don’t apply, if you are a crazy nut don’t apply, If you don’t have a license don’t apply, if you don’t have transportation don’t apply, if your not a nice person don’t apply , if your not teachable don’t apply, if you’re just completely fucked up don’t bother applying, if you’re a total loser don’t apply, if your stupid, dumb, idiot, a dumbass don’t apply. Please apply if you can pass all these task.


Contact us at: 214-777-3095      Text : 214-315-4426      Email: tour@dallascitytour.com

Send resumes and picture to: tour@dallascitytour.com

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Thanks alot!!

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