Check out whats on our presidential JFK tour!

What’s on the JFK tour


•Presidential motorcade route along Harwood, Main and Elm streets downtown.

•The Old Texas School Book Depository (now The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza), 411 Elm St., where Lee Harvey Oswald fired the shots that killed JFK.

•Dealey Plaza and the grassy knoll, along Elm near the Triple Underpass.

•The Oak Cliff boarding house where Oswald lived, 1026 N. Beckley Ave.

•Scene of Officer J.D. Tippit’s slaying, 404 E. 10th St.

•The Texas Theater, 421 Jefferson Blvd., where Oswald was arrested.

•The old Dallas city jail, 106 S. Harwood, where Jack Ruby shot Oswald.

•Former site of Lee Harvey Oswald Apartment 


Thanks alot!!

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