Dallas City Tour is the only tour in the United States that offers inside access to Lee Harvey Oswald’s apartment in Oakcliff

Dallas City Tour is the only tour in the United States that offers inside access to Lee Harvey Oswald’s apartment in Oakcliff, join our JFK tour as we travel in a replica Presidential Limo and visit the JFK related assassination sites in Dallas Texas.   http://www.DallasCityTour.com 214-310-0700

No other tour in Dallas offers what we can to our guest , inside access into Oswald’s rooming house(1026 N Beckley), Oswald’s apartment (214 Neely) in Dallas and a ride in the replica presidential limo ! Check us out online:
http://www.Oswaldroominghousetours.com 214-310-0700



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  1. Hello,

    I would like for the news to take a look at my website (www.franklingriffin.com)
    and consider my book “Touched by Fire” for your news. Endorsements: President George H.W. Bush,
    Dr. Howard Jones, professor at the University of Alabama, Dr. Larry Sabato, University
    of Politics West, Va. and country singer George Jones. You will find more reviews at my web-site.
    My book can be purchased through my web-site and most books stores i.e. Barnes & Noble,
    Ingram & Baker Taylor. Former Governor John Patterson wrote the foreword in my book.
    Places of interest where “Touched by Fire” can be found.

    1. Texas State Library & Archives Commission.
    2. State of Alabama Department of Archives and History.
    3. Russia National Library
    4. Oklahoma Historical Society
    5. Dealey Plaza Museum Library
    6. British Public Library
    7. Moncton Public Library, Canada
    8. Walsall Library & Museum UK

    Second Edition. Hardcover, 190 Pages
    Publisher: Lulu.com (January 17, 2014)
    Language: English
    ISBN-10: 1105921794
    ISBN-13: 978-1105921797

    STORE · CONTACT. Local & National Interviews
    6th Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza Oral taped interviews.

    Narrative Decryption on “Touched by Fire”.

    “It’s no wonder that, after reading “Touched by Fire,” country music legend, George Jones, wrote Frank Griffin to say: “I thoroughly enjoyed the book” and former President George H.W. Bush called it “a most interesting read.” The book tells an amazing American story. In 1954 Johnnie Frank Griffin witnessed the violent death of Alamaba’s Attorney General-elect Albert Patterson. six months later he told a grand jury about it. The next day he was stabbed. He died that night in a hospital built on profits from crime. Nine years later Johnnie Frank’s son, Frank Griffin, saw Lee Harvey Oswald fleeing down a Dallas street. Between these two events Frank grew up in one of the strangest decades in American history. His story touches that of Alabama Governor John Patterson. It collides with mob bosses and CIA operations. There’s even room for country music and barroom brawls. This book shows how Frank Giffin’s life is truly touched by fire and he has survived with strength.

    Thank you
    Author Frank Griffin

Thanks alot!!

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